Recent projects

FERRERO ROCHER “the artist” 30” commercial  (Pubbliregia Ferrero)

ALFONSINA Y EL MAR (with Lucia Bosè and Magaly Solier)  - 90’ feature film   

VIRTUALZONE   90‘ feature film

MYSTERY AFTER MYSTERY 13x2’ RAI FICTION tv cartoon series - Enanimation

NUTELLA B READY 30” commercial  (Pubbliregia Ferrero) 

SUSTENIUM PLUS 30”commercial (Armando Testa)

SUSTENIUM 30”commercial (Armando Testa)  

GRAND’ITALIA 2 (RAI STORIA - music for the 6th episode, about Giovanni Soldini)

TANTUM VERDE NATURA 30”commercial (Armando Testa)   

TANTUM VERDE BOCCA 30”commercial (Armando Testa)    

TANTUM VERDE GOLA 30”commercial (Armando Testa)     

KINDER SORPRESA  30” commercial  (Pubbliregia Ferrero)  

KINDER PANECIOC 30” commercial  (Pubbliregia Ferrero) 

GRAN RAGÙ STAR  20” commercial  (Leo Burnett)   

TANTUM VERDE 30” commercial  (Armando Testa)

TANTUM VERDE BOCCASANA 2012 30” commercial (Armando Testa)

PARMIGIANO REGGIANO  30” commercial  (Tribe Communication)

CORAZONES DE MUJER - 58 Berlin Film Festival (2008)  90’ feature film 

      music with Warner Chappell (“Notevole colonna sonora” , dal Morandini)

È TEMPO DI CAMBIARE (2009)  90’ feature film - music with Warner Chappell

MEDUSA (2009) 70’ cinema doc-film - music with Warner Chappell

THE TRUTH ABOUT ANGELS  (2010)  90’ feature film  (USA PRODUCTION)

      music with Warner Chappell

MY LAI FOUR  (2010)  90’ feature film - music with Warner Chappell

LA STRADA DI PAOLO (Roma Film Festival - 2011)  90’ feature film

      music with Warner Chappell

UFFA CHE PAZIENZA 52x5’ RAI FICTION tv cartoon series (Cartoons on the bay 2008: best series for children) - music with Warner Chappell         

UFFA CHE PAZIENZA 2 : LA CITTA’  (2010) - 26x10’ RAI FICTION tv cartoon series

     (score and 26 original songs by Enrico)  -  music with Warner Chappell

PORTA A PORTA sigla tv 2011 -  “Gone with the wind”  cover by Enrico - RAI1

PILLOLE DI TV  - Lorella Zanardo  (2011)  5’ tv series - promo

TERRA DI GRANDA inno della Provincia di Cuneo, 2009 (original version  ---- 

      orchestral version)

PHILIP MORRIS 30” commercial -  2011  (Leo Burnett)

Between 2004-2008 Enrico wrote the music for many 30” international commercials:

Istituzionali Rai, Nutella, Kinder Freschi, Kinder Sorpresa, Proactiv 2005,Proactiv 2006, Vape, Amuchina, Asics Onitsuka Tiger 2004, Asics Onitsuka Tiger 2005, Energie Jeans 2005, Energie Jeans 2006, Clubba, Danup, Swiffer, Acer, Packard Bell.


Enrico was born in 1969.

Since 1980 he has studied piano, with exams and international competitions.

In 1988 he entered in the APM recording studio in Saluzzo (“Alto Perfezionamento Musicale - High Musical Master), where he linked musical competences and technics. 

He collaborated for the coordination and development of the APM courses in the ambit of New Technologies, with the European Community.   

He managed the APM recording studio until 1994.


Between 1990-1995 he took part in big musical productions, from pop to jazz to classical (just to mention some names: Paolo Conte, Claudio Baglioni, Franco Battiato, Solomon Burke, Furio di Castri, Francesca Olivieri, Riccardo Tesi, Federico Sanesi, Bruno Canino, Rino Vernizzi, Raimond Guiot, Maxence Larrieau, Giuseppe Nova, Cecilia Gasdia, Nando Gazzolo, Arnoldo Foà, Nico Orengo, Catherine Michel, Victor Salvi, Egan Records, Emi Classics).


* He followed the artistic production and the whole 1996-2000 recording works of SOLER (EMI Italia 1998) .  Soler played in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and now is one of the biggest projects in China.

* He took part to several projects in Los Angeles and Hong Kong (among them the arrangements and the mixes of Jun Kung, Chinese artist from Universal HK 2001, whose cd (“Nowhere man”) has been released all over the Asia: the first official Chinese production released in Italy).

* Since 1991 he has collaborated with the international groups Genrosso and Genverde (well-known in the international Christian music field) for their discographic production (also EMI), televisive (RAI and many international networks).     First Prize in the competition “Musical” by “Musica di Repubblica“ (2002) with the musical “Streetlight”.

* Between 1999-2002 he wrote and produced also for dance labels.

* About tv music, it is worth underlining the music for the  “Speciale Prodi-Berlusconi” ( political elections in 2006, over 16 millions of audience in Italy).